Please Help Save the
Emergency Rotating Shelter!

After many years of facilitating a place for the homeless population to sleep during winter months, Meeting Ground has unfortunately not found the support necessary to provide the Emergency Rotating Shelter (ERS) this year. Due to the nature of the shelter, it requires dedication from many, many sources to provide a safe environment for volunteers and clients. Meeting Ground and several church partners worked very hard to hold the ERS this year and the necessary support was simply not there. As a result, the only viable option was to cancel the ERS this year.

Meeting Ground is asking for ideas and support from the community to help us provide this essential shelter. The most urgent needs are facility space and funding to pay for overnight staff each night. In the long term, Meeting Ground is looking for a large building to serve as a one-stop shop that would both temporarily house unsheltered individuals, including veterans, and offer services that our community partners provide all under one roof. The ERS however, would only require enough space to place 30 or so beds/cots. ERS also requires two overnight staffers (one male and one female) to fill in for the 5-6 weeks that are currently not covered by church volunteers. This is a 15 hour period each night, every day. At minimum wage, funding for these positions amounts to between $8,500 and $10,000. If this amount can be raised, Meeting Ground staff will donate time this year to serve as required supervisors and on-call personnel.

As we move forward, Meeting Ground will continue looking for additional partners and solutions to provide shelter during the coldest months of the year, but we cannot do it alone. Please considering partnering with us by helping with facility needs, making a donation to Meeting Ground, or volunteering at this critical time.

To volunteer for the ERS, please contact Dayquan Stewart at (410) 620-3128.

For donations please use one of the following convenient options:

Via Mail: PO Box 808, Elkton, MD 21922
Online at our website:
Or via our GoFundMe page on Facebook

Yours in partnership,