Celebrating the Success of Our Clients

Beginning this month, Meeting Ground will start to share stories of the success our clients experience. We want to share these with you so that you can see the impact of your support–we couldn’t offer the help that we do to our clients without the generosity of our neighbors in the community.

Please help us in celebrating the successes of our client, Carrie. Carrie has been part of the homeless community for over a year now. Recently, she was able to obtain employment–she started a job at the new Amazon facility–and has started working towards earning her GED. Carrie relies on the bus to get to and from work, and thanks to the generosity of the donors of Meeting Ground, we were able to help her obtain bus tickets until she receives her first paycheck.

Carrie agreed to share her successes to demonstrate that with determination and hard work you can overcome temporary setbacks and hardships.

Congratulations Carrie!